Social program and tours

Dinner, Thursday, May 25

included in the registration fee. 

Buffet dinner in Hotel Silvanus from 19.00

Sightseeing Tour by bus, Friday, May 26

included in the accompanying persons' registration fee

Departure from Hotel Silvanus at 10:00 am. Duration appr. 4 hours. The Ister-Granum Euroregion is situated on the Hungarian-Slovakian border. Through thousands of years, nature gave unmatched features to this land. Over a third of the region is a natural preservation area. Throughout the region hot thermal waters spring in spas. The territory of the Ister-Granum Euroregion has been inhabited since ancient times. It was the heart of the medieval Hungarian Kingdom. Saint Stephen (Szent István), the founder of the state, was born, raised, christened and married in Esztergom. The monumental Esztergom Basilica, built between 1822 and 1869 is the largest church in Hungary. In the upstairs rooms, visitors can admire the masterpieces of the Cathedral Treasury, goldsmith and textile collections. The Primate Palace houses the Christian Museum. It exhibits collections of medieval Hungarian tablature and sculpture, baroque paintings, handicraft and tapestry.

Dinner, Friday, May 26, 

included in the registration fee.

Dinner in the nearby Nagyvillám Hunters' Inn at 19.30Full-day Excursion to the Danube Bend

Full-day Excursion to the Danube Bend, Saturday, May 27

price: 60 EUR per person

Departure from Hotel Silvanus at 10.00Duration appr. 8 hours, lunch included.The Danube Bend is an excursion into Hungary's history. The tour along the 'Blue Danube' starts in Visegrád, stops in Esztergom and Szentendre. Visegrád: visit to the 750 year-old Royal Residence.Esztergom, the centre of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary. Visit to the largest cathedral of Hungary and a glimpse across the river to Slovakia. The artist's village of Szentendre is a small baroque settlement, in a beautiful natural environment. Visit to the Margit Kovács Ceramic Museum and the Confectionery Museum.