H-2025 Visegrád, Fekete-hegy


On the hillside above Visegrád, the hotel offers a breath-taking view of the Danube Bend, with an undisturbed natural environment, quiet surroundings and excellent conference and wellness services. 


For hotel guests: HUF 1,000.00 (appr, EUR 3.00 ) per car per night.

For visitors who do not stay at the hotel: HUF 500.00 (appr. EUR 1.50) per car per day.


Visegrád is one of the gems of the Danube Bend to the north of Budapest.

Archeological findings provide evidence that the settlement has been inhabited since ancient times and that its importance first grew under the Roman Empire. Later it became a residence of princes, known as Visegrád.

In the 14th century Visegrád developed rapidly. During the reign of the renaissance King Matthias extravagant construction started. The palace complex evolved, enriched with late-Gothic elements.

With the arrival of steamboat traffic on the Danube in the early 19th century, a new chapter opened in the history of Visegrád.

Today the Danube Bend is an outstanding holiday resort and recreation area where the mountains, the river, and the flat lands meet. The buildings of the former Visegrád fortress are museums, while the excavated and reconstructed parts of the former Royal Palace host castle games during the summer.

Visegrád is further linked to the so called ‘Visegrád Four’ or V4, which is the alliance of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The Group was formed in Visegrád on February 15, 1991, with the aim to intensify mutual co-operation and friendship between the four states.